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    From Here On is a project exploring migration stories through diasporic music and spoken word. In a city as diverse as Toronto, migrations stories are all around us. This project aims to celebrate and bring to life some of the stories that shape our lives, our communities, our city and our country. The project is an urgent invitation to reflect on the Canadian immigrant experience(s) in light of recent shifts in Canadian immigration policies. The event will take place in Regent Park, a community bursting with stories on migration, flight, exile and home.

    Waleed Abdulhamid is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist, producer, filmmaker and music teacher at Humber College. Lishai Peel is a an award-winning spoken word artist who performs locally and nationally and currently works with The City of Toronto to bring spoken word to the classroom. With the help of some of Toronto’s most renowned artists, Lishai and Waleed collaborated on an 11-track album, which will be launched at Daniels Spectrum on May 16th.

    Expect a night of live music with sounds that travels continents. From Africa to Asia to North America; the instrumentation was masterfully crafted to reflect the far corners of the world that some travel from before arriving in Toronto. There will be belly dancing and Dhol drummers to ignite the senses. And there will be performance poetry from some of Toronto’s top spoken word artists. This night with also mark the unveiling of a Regent Park community mapping project. 

    For more information or ticket inquiries: http://ifreecan.com/from  or  info@lishai.ca