"Lishai Peel is not only an incredibly talented spoken word artist, she is a superb educator who is able to inspire young people and bring out in them their own passion.  Students who did not think that they would be able to write, through working with Lishai, surprised even themselves in the way that they were able to express themselves through spoken word"

 - Leora Schaefer

Director, Facing History and Ourselves 

"I had the honour and privilege of meeting Lishai after a request made to her to perform at the Children's Mental Health Agency I work for.  Lishai graciously accepted our request and offered us the most powerful, beautiful, and rousing poetry at a commemorative event for December 6th.

To experience her poetry is to feel all of your heart and limbs awaken to truths we are prone to forget, overlook or fail to acknowledge to our own detriment.  While many poets can help us awaken to realities, Lishai does so with a grace, compassion, sincerity and beauty that renders her audience at once humbled in reflection and uplifted in understanding...this is Lishai's gift to the world, and we were honoured to experience it!"

- Asifa Sheikh

Child Development Institute of Toronto 

"Many teachers asked if they might have a copy of the words that Lishai said in her spoken word piece...she did amazing work in just one hour with kids who weren't sure if they could write, or even if they wanted to!"

- Dale Chimolai

Teacher with Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board 

Lishai is a gifted writer, captivating performer, and talented workshop facilitator. Every time we have engaged her services, it has been to rave reviews. Students comment on her innovative workshop delivery techniques, and community partners are always awed by her passion for artistry and creativity. 
- Ify Chiwentelu,
Arts Program Manager, Urban Arts Community Arts Council 

Lishai is a creative and energetic performance artist with a flair for teaching and promoting social justice in Toronto. Her passionate performance to our medical students at the University of Toronto about the lived experiences of vulnerable women illustrated the social and health challenges faced by these groups in a way that medical school lectures simply cannot duplicate.   

- Joyce Nyhof-Young

Associate Professor Family & Community Medicine, Helliwell Medical Education Centre, Toronto General Hospital

 "Lishai Peel has been a mentor figure for me for the last 2-3 years in both the poetry community and specifically, Uniffect After School Drop-In Youth Poetry Program. Through this time, Lishai was shown admirable qualities of being a good listener, being empathetic, and conscious of the wellness of others. If there were more Lishai's in the world, I guarantee the world would be a more welcoming and opportunistic place."

- Brian Millado, youth poet 

Lishai has an energy and a sincere and genuine spirit that makes anyone want to listen and learn.  She is truly inspirational when she speaks- whether she is performing or just sharing her insight into what is important and meaningful, people of all ages are drawn to her message.  Sometimes in life, you meet someone who makes you hear your heart...Lishai has been that person for me.  The first time I heard her story- I was moved and it brought tears to my eyes.  Anyone who wants to be in touch with their own story, because everyone has one, needs to listen and learn from Lishai. 

 - Vivian Yeung

Educator, ACL for Co-Curricular Programs and Leadership Development, Lester B. Pearson C.I., Toronto District School Board 

"UNITY Charity works with over 50 of Canada's top artists to engage and inspire youth across the country and Lishai is the best of the best. She has a natural honesty, a true sincerity and serious talent. I would highly recommend Lishai for any performance, keynote or youth programming opportunity, as she is not only an amazing artist but an incredible human being."

- Mike Prosserman

Executive Director & Founder, Unity Charity 

"Under Lishai's tutelage, I learned to share a more personal side of my story through my poetry to connect more with others. She also taught me compassion and empathy when dealing with peers and those I mentor, creating a bond that was more than just student and teacher."

- Marcus Lomboy, youth poet 

Lishai Peel has been my mentor for the past 2 years and her presence, guidance and innate compassion has been life changing. Lishai introduced me to spoken word, which changed the course of my life. Lishai is also perhaps the reason I decided to switch out of my journalism program and pursue my true passion - creative writing. I can genuinely say, I am a happier person because of Lishai’s influence in my life, because she consistently reminds me to make my decisions from a place of love, as opposed to fear or insecurity.

As an artist, Lishai has taught me to delve into the deepest parts of myself and write from a place of honesty. She has also taught me the value of integrity and the importance of incorporating it into all aspects of what I do and who I am. I cannot recount how grateful I am to have such a powerful, beautiful force in my life.

- Rashmi Logo, youth poet 

Lishai is a tremendously gifted spoken word artist and arts educator.  She inspires and delights in her workshops, generously sharing her craft within an engaging and nurturing learning environment that respects and fosters the creativity of each and every participant.

- Susan Kohler, Senior Arts Consultant
Arts & Culture Services, City of Toronto 

Ms. Lishai was so much fun to work with! Not only is she incredibly talented, but she has the abiltiy to connect with youth in a way that makes them feel like rockstars!
- Julia Gutsik, CEO Luv2Groove